'Sow Clean' Candle

Sow Clean was named so SO CLEAN because of the fresh clean laundry scent! This scent smells like Sunday Morning... a hot cup of earl gray tea + laundry fresh outta the dryer!

scent notes// bergamot black tea, earl gray, cucumber, amber

All natural coconut wax blend, wood wick & hand-poured in small batches! Large candles come in a 12.5 fluid ounce resuable jar // 65+ plus hour burn time, depending on atmosphere & placement of candle.

tips to help your candle burn longer & more evenly: 
-when you burn your candle, allow candles to burn long enough for the wax pool to hit the edge of the jar. If you do not let the candle wax burn all the way to the edge of the jar when you first burn them, they will burn unevenly & begin to tunnel down.
-trim your wicks! the ideal legnth is 1/4 inch! longer wicks = shorter burn time!
-to put your candle out, use your glass lid or a candle snuffer.