Pasta At Home Box//GF + Regular


Create your own traditional pasta dinner at home with these handmade artisan pastas + sauce imported from Italy! Choose between GF fettuccine & artisanal Pici. Both made with the HIGHEST quality clean ingredients, you will taste the difference!

If you are cooking more than 1/2 lb of pasta, we recommend using the canned sauce with your jar. You  purchase another bottle of sauce OR try adding fresh cut tomatoes/a can of tomatoes to this. After your sauce is warmed, toss your pasta in the sauce pan + serve with fresh parmesan cheese! 

Each box comes with:

your choice of GF pasta

1 jar of sauce (one of our TOP sellers)

1 can of tomato sauce from Italy

1 onion sea salt bag (top seller)

Other great additions to this box would be our Olive wood serving forks (pictured in box) or our cheese grater for that fresh parm! These make a great housewarming gift, or just a date night meal at home!


Containing just beautiful Apulian tomatoes, basil + salt, this sauce is a great foundation for your own tomato sauce recipe. It is also excellent by itself. Start by sauteing onion & garlic in olive oil, then add the jar of sauce. 


Pasta by Antico Pastificio Umbro is produced with 100% Italian grain, slow dried at a low temperature & bronze drawn. Traditional processing techniques & the use of carefully selected raw materials make this pasta healthy + delicious.

GF Fettuccine: 

Artisanal dry pasta from Gragnano that is gluten free! Made with the best rice & corn flour available + local spring water, bronze-drawn & slow-dried at a low temperature, this is true Artisanal Pasta from Gragnano. This pasta has wonderful flavor and texture, maintaining its firmness after cooking. Use as you would any quality dry pasta.