Pasta At Home Box//GF + Regular


Create your own traditional pasta dinner at home with these handmade artisan pastas + sauce imported from Italy! Choose between GF fettuccine & artisanal Pici. Both made with the HIGHEST quality clean ingredients, you will taste the difference!

If you are cooking more than 1/2 lb of pasta, we recommend purchasing another bottle of sauce OR adding fresh cut tomatoes/a can of tomatoes to this. After your sauce is warmed, toss your pasta in the sauce pan + serve with fresh parmesan cheese! 

Each box comes with: your choice of GF or Regular pasta, 1 jar of sauce, 1 onion sea salt. Other great additions to this box would be our Olive wood serving forks (pictured in box). These make a great housewarming gift, or just a date night meal at home!


Containing just beautiful Apulian tomatoes, basil + salt, this sauce is a great foundation for your own tomato sauce recipe. It is also excellent by itself. Start by sauteing onion & garlic in olive oil, then add the jar of sauce. 


Pasta by Antico Pastificio Umbro is produced with 100% Italian grain, slow dried at a low temperature & bronze drawn. Traditional processing techniques & the use of carefully selected raw materials make this pasta healthy + delicious.

GF Fettuccine: 

Artisanal dry pasta from Gragnano that is gluten free! Made with the best rice & corn flour available + local spring water, bronze-drawn & slow-dried at a low temperature, this is true Artisanal Pasta from Gragnano. This pasta has wonderful flavor and texture, maintaining its firmness after cooking. Use as you would any quality dry pasta.