Non-Toxic Dryer Ball + Spray Set

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Each set includes 3 dryer balls + spray. We recommend using at least 3 dryer balls in each load! If you don’t love lavender, use a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Dryer balls can last up to a year & make a great gift! 

You will N E V E R use a dryer sheet again! There are so many added benefits to using dryer balls, not only do they help dry your clothes quicker, they reduce wrinkles & you know how hair gets stuck in your socks?! Well they don’t with these! 

We have our very own dryer balls coming soon (made with fiber from jalapeño & poblano) but for now, make the switch from those old dryer sheets & try these, we promise you will be hooked! 

lavender essential oil spray handmade in Texas//small batches includes//distilled water, witch hazel, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil