Mini Spoon Preserves//3 Pack

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These are ALWAYS a crowd favorite! Use all three on a giant charcuterie board or individually they are the perfect size for a smaller charcuterie board- you don't have to worry about wasting any preserves, we guarantee they will be GONE! Plus this is the best way to try out three flavors!

3 oz jars//Set is boxed & ready to gift//Each jar has its own description of suggested pairings//Handmade on Orcas Island//Woman Owned Business 


Orcas Pear w Bay//pairs best with brie or other creamy cheeses (hello... this is the perfect addition to a grilled cheese!)

Rhubarb Lavender//pairs best with butter on a biscuit! This smells & tastes like Spring! Amazing on cookies & of course cheese too. (Also makes a pretty classy pb & j)

Salted Apple Caramel//pairs best with smoked/aged gouda or hard cheeses, but I recommend using on pork chops too!