Homemade Tomato Sauce by Perché Ci Credo

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Containing just beautiful Apulian tomatoes, basil + salt, this sauce is a great foundation for your own tomato sauce recipe. It is also excellent by itself. Start by sauteing onion & garlic in olive oil, then add the jar of sauce.

Add to your “soffritto” of onion or garlic in olive oil and cook for 15-20 minutes. Drain your pasta al-dente and add pasta to the sauce. Toss in pan while continuing to cook. Add grated cheese and serve. Net weight: 330 ml./11.6oz Ingredients: Tomatoes (99.6%), salt, basil


If you are cooking more than 1/2 lb of pasta, we recommend purchasing another bottle of sauce OR adding fresh cut tomatoes/a can of tomatoes to this. After your sauce is warmed, toss your pasta in the sauce pan + serve with fresh parmesan cheese!