Cupcake Gift Set//wooden spoon//cupcake liners


*New spring Mabel label* Our cocoa cupcake mix + olive wood spoon + 17 fancy cupcake liners = the perfect gift of the season! Our olive wood spoons are the best for stirring the cupcake  batter! These cupcake liners will make it look like you had these cupcakes special ordered! 

The most amazing chocolate cupcake you will ever have! Our cupcake mix makes the perfect hostess gift or a quick dessert to whip up that is sure to be a crowd favorite! Valrhona cocoa is a dutch processed & 100% unsweetend. This cocoa makes a very velvety cupcake. You will need: 1 egg, buttermilk, oil, pendleton whisky or vanilla, hot water.

Makes about 15 regular sized cupcakes or 12 very full cupcakes. This tried & true recipe is exclusive to us! Buttercream recipe can be found on our blog.