Colloidal Silver Home & Kitchen Cleaner

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You know how it goes after you have been chopping garlic + onions & the smell lingers on your cutting board & hands? Use this spray on your hands after chopping & you will be amazed how the smell vanishes! This also makes the best all purpose cleaner for your home + kitchen.

Harness the power of true colloidal silver + pure essential oils. Our colloidal silver kitchen & home cleaner disperses around 1 quadrillion nanosilver particles with every spray, along with our deep cleaning essential oil blend.This multipurpose cleaner is safe, non-toxic, and extremely effective. Keep a bottle in your kitchen, bathroom, car, or bag to use on any germ-communicable surface, including hands,cutting boards, countertops, appliances, toilet seats, doorknobs, light switches, & more

Handmade in the USA//Woman Owned Business//Eco-Friendly