California Wildflower Honey (1lb speciality jar)



Specialty Corked Jars are reminiscent of the first jars ever used to bottle honey. Traditional embossed glassware, topped with an old-fashioned cork, add a signature touch to a classic pantry staple.

Pure & Raw, California Wildflower Honey is bottled straight from our beekeepers family’s beehives. The rich flavors of this golden honey are influenced by the natural nectar of California’s diverse wildflowers found among the vivid, blooming valleys.

The honeybees spend the cool days of spring foraging on golden poppies & wild lupine, and warm summer afternoons between the petals of wild blackberries & bright star thistle.

1 LB (454 G)// Ingredients raw wildflower honey

Raw, USA Honey: We guarantee that our honey is 100% raw, Grade A honey, sourced exclusively from our family’s beehives in California. Wildflower honey may vary in color from season to season

All natural honey may crystallize over time. To decrystallize, you can take the top off of your jar and stick in a warm water bath. Repeat until the honey is liquefied. Or, place your jar on a piece of tin foil and leave in a sunny spot until the honey returns to a liquid state.