Speckled Nose Farm

is all things farm + food + family. Food & entertaining were the center point for all of our family get-togethers, big or small. The table was always decorated for all occasions. My younger sister & I would pretend we were the servers, making drinks & plating food. You see, my love for raising & cooking my own everything is rooted in my Sicilian, Chinese and Irish perfectly imperfect heritage. I grew up in the kitchen with grandparents that cooked for & celebrated every occasion, even if there wasn't one.

In efforts to try to preserve those family traditions, my cookbook was created & the Farm Shoppe was started. Named after my speckled nose dog, Mabel Mae. After Mabel, something just happened & all of my other animals had speckled noses too! You will see Mabel Mae pop up around the Shoppe, along with little memories of my Grandparents.

At Speckled Nose Farm you will find all things from current life on the farm, along with those important ingredients that make up family traditions.

We hope you enjoy creating new memories with your family + friends!